Are Press on Nails Better than Acrylic?

In the nail world, there is one constant debate, and that is press on nails vs acrylic nails. Based on personal preference and experience, everybody prefers either acrylic nails or press on nails, but objectively which is the best?

Well, that’s a difficult question to answer and both camps have persuasive arguments. 

Once they are both applied, acrylic and press on nails look very similar to one another. However, the process of applying them is very different depending on the type of nails that you want. 

Acrylic nails are designed on your actual nails, so they fit perfectly, but this does also mean that they are more time-consuming to do. Very few people will do acrylic nails themselves, instead, they will pay a nail technician to do them.

Even the most experienced nail techs can take more than an hour to do a basic set of acrylic nails, so as you will expect, it is often very expensive to get acrylics done.

On the other hand, press on nails can usually be applied by yourself, so you only have to pay for the cost of the nails. However, you will struggle to get a perfect finish with press on nails as they are just made to general sizes. But, as they are ready-made, they are also much less time-consuming to fit. 

Based on this, we would say that, yes, press on nails are better than acrylics as they are cheaper, less time-consuming, and also safer for your nail beds. 

Can I shower with press on nails?

Yes, you absolutely can shower with press on nails. It is a common misconception that press on nails will be washed away by water, in the same way, that make-up would, but this simply isn’t the case. In fact, press on nails are usually quite hardy once they have stuck down. 

But, while you can shower with press on nails, it is very important that you do not rush to do this. Most press on nails stick down with glue, and this glue will take time to set.

So, you definitely can shower with press on nails on your fingers, but you shouldn’t do so until at least 2 hours after sticking your nails down. In an ideal situation, you should give the glue as long as possible to set before you go in the shower. 

This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people choose to stick their press on nails down either before bed, or after they have taken a shower. If you stick your nails down immediately before bed, then the glue will have a solid 8+ hours to set before you use your fingers next.

Alternatively, if you do it immediately after showering, you know that you will not be getting the glue wet for the foreseeable future. 

So, yes, you can shower with press on nails, so there is no need to avoid doing this. The only time that you should avoid getting your press on nails wet is within the first 2 hours after sticking them down. 

How many times can you reuse press on nails?

One of the main benefits of press on nails is that you can use them more than once. As long as you take good care of your nails, both when they are on your fingers, and when taking them off, then they should last for a long time.

Generally speaking, you will be able to use a single set of press on nails 2-3 times. Maybe even more if you take excellent care of them. 

In this way, press on nails are fairly similar to false eyelashes. So, if you are someone who only uses false nails when you have an event, but can’t bear to wear them in everyday life, you should be able to make a single set last for a very long time.

To make your nails last, you have to be very careful when fitting them, only use top-quality nail glue, and also be incredibly cautious when you are removing them. 

It is during the removal process that press on nails often become damaged. Depending on the glue that you have used, removing press on nails can be a very tedious process. So, it can be very tempting to use brute force to try to speed the process up. 

However, if you want to keep your natural nails safe, and reuse your press on nails in the future, then it is best to take your time when removing them so that you can use them again in the future. 

Why do press-on nails hurt?

If you are someone who is new to wearing press on nails, then you might notice that the process can hurt a little at the beginning. Once you get used to fitting these nails, then you quickly notice that the pain isn’t actually that bad. But why do press on nails hurt?

Once they are fitted, press on nails do not hurt… at least no more than acrylic nails would hurt. But, during the fitting process, press on nails do tend to hurt more than acrylic nails.

This is because you have to use pressure and force to be able to get your press on nails to stick to your natural nails. Depending on the type of glue that you are using, this might be more difficult, and you might find yourself needing to use more force, which could cause your nails to hurt. 

But, this pain is just pressure. As soon as the nail has stuck, the pain should ease and the press on nail should be secured tightly. Even though this pressure can hurt a little, it doesn’t actually do any damage to your nail bed. In fact, press on nails are much safer for your natural nails than acrylic nails. 

So, press on nails may hurt a little when you are applying them due to the pressure that is needed. But, once they are fitted, you should find that your press on nails will cause you no pain or discomfort.