How Do I Know My Skin Type?

To ensure that your skin is properly cared for, it is important to understand your specific skin type. This will allow you to select the right products and follow a skincare regimen that specifically caters to your skin. As there are several different skin types, you may be wondering what type of skin you have. …

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Is CeraVe Better Than Cetaphil?

Is CeraVe better than Cetaphil? Yes. But on the other hand, is Cetaphil better than CeraVe? Also, irritatingly, yes. How do we come to such a mind-boggling enigmatic conclusion? That’s a little complicated, and it’s based on what each of them is, and what each of them does. So, for the complete newcomers – what …

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Does Oily Skin Age Better?

Sometimes, it can feel like you cannot win with oily skin. Your makeup can slip off within minutes, and you always feel like a sweaty-faced person even when it is not sunny. I cannot tell you how many times a day I wipe the area around my T-zone, or blot the oil away with a …

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Does Ice Help Acne?

I’m happy to report that ice can definitely help to ease both the pain and visual severity of acne — hurray! Who knew you had such a fantastic solution sitting in your freezer this whole time? How exactly does using ice work to reduce the effects of acne? Well, have you ever seen an athlete …

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How Do You Get Clear Skin?

There’s nothing more frustrating than doing everything you can to keep your skin clean and healthy, only to suffer from a sudden breakout of spots. In contemporary society, we’re continually bombarded by various skincare products, as well as recommendations and advice from social media influencers that all promise great results. However, this often makes it …

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Why is My Nose So Oily?

Oily skin can be irritating and difficult to deal with. Your skin produces oil in order to keep your skin and hair hydrated. For some people, their skin overproduces oil which can result in oily skin. This can cause pimples and blocked pores. It is also uncomfortable and can disrupt makeup and require some people …

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