100+ Dyed Bangs and Colored Fringe Hairstyles for 2024

A huge compilation of dyed bangs and colored fringe hairstyles for the coming year. If you have the bravery to add a splash of color to your hair these might give you some inspiration on where to get started.

It’s been such a growing trend and they’re so much easier (and better for your hair) compared to just dying all of it. I love the idea, I love the ease and I love all of these styles. Hopefully these will give you some ideas.

Pictures of Dyed Bangs and Colored Fringe Photos

These colors just compliment each other so perfectly. Fire and brimstone.
A little bit of subtle highlighting along the fringe really works here. Just watch out for that cactus!
dyed bangs
I love the eyeshadow combination on this one. That’s some professional work, I wouldn’t try and do this one on myself.
You don’t even need that many colors in your bangs. This subtle fade with dark colors makes such a great frame.
Sometimes, less is more.
I know I said dyed bangs but I just love this one.
dyed bangs
Dark hair with some dark red bangs. A little more understated but you can’t argue with the results.
The green nail polish looks great with the green bangs. I just need to know what game is in the Game Boy…
Longer dyed bangs work well too!
Not sure what I love more here. The dyed bangs or the clips & jumper combination.
Maybe I just have a thing for the light and dark contrast.
I’d love the bright pink hair here anyway but framing it with green-dyed bangs… <3
The yin and yang and dyed bangs.
dyed bangs
This is a perfect example of keeping it simple but beautiful. You don’t need to go crazy to create a statement.
But that’s not to say that going big doesn’t make a statement. I love rainbow bangs.
They don’t have to be crazy colors. Brown and blonde with the bangs and some more strands. Superb.
Dark hair doesn’t get all of the fun. This pink just looks so vivid!
Honey, those fantastic bangs are all the attitude you need.
I can’t decide which I like better. The green bangs certainly look fresher but I’m still loving the blue.
Yellow, with a little burned orange and that eye shadow matches the bangs so nicely.
Who says long hair gets all the fun? Dyed bangs work great with shorter hair too.
I love the playful dyed bangs on the cropped hairstyle. Looks so much younger and playful!
Who says you need to dye all of your bangs?
I’ve not seen this before on a bob hairstyle but I hope to see it a lot more! The tips and bangs have been dip-dyed and it just looks fantastic.
Sadly these fantastic bangs were dyed out not long after this photo was posted. Such a shame.
This one is a little different. The bangs have been dyed blonde underneath. Unique and seriously cute.
Again – the combination of darker tones I just love.
But the lighter tones are nothing to sniff at. They look so cute!
New rule. We all need dyed ginger bangs.
Or, if you’re already ginger, you need bright blue bangs. I love the huge contrast in colors and there’s no way you don’t get noticed.
Purple bangs with a little pink outlining. Plus those clips <3
Another example of dip-dyed bangs and matching fringe. Such a stand-out choice of colors here with the lime green and a perfect top to match.
More ginger bangs? Yes, please.
Black hair with rainbow bangs mostly on one side. I love it.
I love the curls in this one.
The blonde bangs in this curly hair also have some highlights later on to match.
I’d also be OK with that law including pink bangs.
The ‘money bangs’ technique keeps your dyed bangs at the same length as the rest of your hair.
Dyed bangs and fridge with a little bit of the color pulled back at the top.
The way the sunlight hits these bangs I’m getting a definite fire style.
More rainbow bangs and fringe.
When your bangs (and hair) look this fantastic I’m not sure you need the butterfly filters.
This one is unique. Bright pink hair with dyed blonde bangs. It’s usually the other way around gi.vlia!
Great combination of orange and yellow colored fringe with bangs against light hair.

I do hope this has given you some ideas for dyed bangs and colored fringes. There is (of course) plenty more you could do with your hair and I want to see it!

If something here inspires you to change your bangs (or your entire hairstyle) send us a photo and we’ll get you added to the list!

Our inspiration photos come from user submissions and open sources and we’ll always give credit. All of the fantastic styles belong to their respective owners. If we’ve got a credit wrong or you’d rather we don’t feature you – just drop us an email.

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