60+ Fantastic Flame Nail Designs and Inspiration (+ Easy Tutorial)

Flame nail designs have been hot (awful pun intended) lately and they can be so versatile too. Bright colors can really stand out and make a statement while lighter tones can add some subtle style. Whether it’s a punk vibe for an event or just some unique style for everyday use – flaming nails look good.

These flame nail photos will hopefully give you some inspiration!

You don’t need to paint every single nail. One flaming nail on each hand can really work to add some distinction.
This super subtle flame nail style is fine for the office but still has some unique style to it. Love it.
A brighter style like this stands out a lot more and has more of that punk vibe.
The sad face might not be my style but I really like these light and dark green flames.
The flaming Elmo on these nails just does it for me. I mean, anything with Elmo is a winner in my book.
These white flame nails just look so good. A perfect match to the ring.
Glittery blue flame nails? Yes, please.
Fan of Scotland? How about these tartan-style flame nails? <3
Who said flames need to look scary? These colorful candy neon flame nails might be my favorite so far.
But who said your nails have to be the same color? I love this might of bright colors on each finger.
For that matter, who even said there have to be flames on each nail? I love the yin yang nail on each hand here.
I’m not normally a fan of gold nails (just not my style) but metallic flame nails just works. Especially with the rings.
Glittery gold pierced nails with those long black flame acrylic nails.
Black on black shouldn’t work but… this just does. Especially for everyday use.
If flaming nails didn’t stand out enough for you, how about some gold metallic flames?
Fan of pink? I like the one-pierced nail and the bright pink transparent acrylics with the blue flames.
More of a romantic vibe? These flame nail designs actually form little hearts <3

Flame Nails Tutorial

There are loads of pop-ons with flame designs and your local stylist will have seen this kind of style before but if you have some artistic talent (I don’t!) you can do some pretty cool flame nail designs yourself.

do hope this has given you some ideas for flaming nails. If you give this a go – I want to see it! Send me a photo of your flame nails and we’ll feature them here.

Our inspiration photos come from user submissions and open sources and we’ll always give credit. All of the fantastic styles belong to their respective owners. If we’ve got a credit wrong or you’d rather we don’t feature you – just drop us an email.