How Can I Grow Hair on Bald Spots Naturally?

Everybody has their insecurities. Some people don’t like their teeth, others don’t like their arms, and for some people, it is their hair that really causes them distress.

There is a lot of importance placed on hair in modern society, in a lot of ways, it is one of the first things that you notice about a person. So, it is perfectly normal for you to want your hair to be perfect. 

There are lots of things that are natural in society that people actually don’t like talking about. One of these things is baldness and bald spots. It is something that causes a lot of people upset and distress, and for many people, it is their biggest insecurity. 

But, if you suffer from bald spots on your scalp, it really isn’t the end of the world! In fact, there are lots of remedies that can help stimulate hair growth in these spots.

In this guide, we’re taking a look at just a handful of the natural hair growth remedies you should try to encourage your hair to grow. 

What can cause bald spots?

From the way that baldness is spoken about in society, you would expect it to be rare for anybody who isn’t a middle-aged man. Even if you are a middle-aged man who is balding, this can be a huge cause of distress, but it can be even more upsetting if you are young, fit, and healthy, and don’t understand why this is happening to you. 

As baldness outside this age group is rarely spoken of, you might think that you are alone. However, baldness is common among people of all ages. This is mainly because there are so many things that can cause baldness, and factors that can affect you at different stages of your life. 

Bald spots can often be caused by a medical condition, like alopecia, and this is often the most common cause of baldness. However, there are lots of different things that can trigger this condition.

Including lifestyle factors, health factors, and lots more. So, if you do suddenly begin to notice bald spots in your hair, it is best to speak to a doctor. 

Suffering from bald spots is often depicted as being the end of the world, but it doesn’t need to be. There are lots of different remedies that can help stimulate hair growth, so let’s take a look at what they are. 

Artificial vs natural remedies

But, before we do that, let’s take a look at the difference between artificial and natural remedies. If you have done any research into cures for bald spots, then you probably will have encountered lots of artificial remedies and fixes. Most commonly, a hair transplant. 

But, there is no need, to begin with these artificial remedies, because there are lots of natural options that you can use. You don’t often hear these natural remedies discussed, but they are often a lot more effective than some artificial fixes. 

A lot of artificial fixes only solve the problem, they do not fix the issue at the heart of the problem. Whereas, lots of natural remedies will target the follicles of your hair to help stimulate growth, and help solve the issue at the heart of it. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective natural remedies. 

Coconut Oil for Bald Spots!

When it comes to natural remedies, coconut oil is a staple. So, it really isn’t a surprise that this is a great way to naturally stimulate hair growth in bald areas. This is because coconut oil has fatty acids which can penetrate into the hair shaft to prevent the loss of protein in each hair follicle. 

You should use coconut oil before or after your hair, depending on the type of hair that you have. If your hair is particularly oily or dry, then you might be better off using coconut oil as an overnight treatment.

I’m a big fan of coconut oil. It’s good for your hair with or without bald spots and I’ve talked about using coconut oil for hair growth already.

There hasn’t been any scientific research into the effects of coconut oil on hair growth, but this seems to be a firm favorite among those suffering from hair loss because it actively deals with the root of the problem preventing some hair growth.

Onion Juice

Alternatively, you could use onion juice to help stimulate hair growth. This might seem like a strange one, and the smell of onions might be off-putting. But, research in animals suggests that it is a very effective way to stimulate hair growth.

So, if you can deal with the smell, this could be a great way to help encourage your hair to grow. 

It appears that onion juice is great for encouraging hair growth because onions help improve circulation. Improved circulation is directly linked to improved keratin production, which is key for growth.

So, if you want to encourage your hair to grow, simply blend a few onions, squeeze out the juice, then apply it to your hair before you shampoo and condition it like normal. 

Aloe Vera

This method is probably one that you will have heard of before. Aloe vera has been linked to hair growth for a very long time, and it has also been linked to a reduced amount of dandruff.

This link to dandruff is what helps aloe vera encourage hair growth. The aloe vera clears dandruff, and so clears the hair follicles, allowing your hair to grow quicker and more rapidly. 

If you want to, you can apply aloe vera gel directly to your scalp, and the bald areas, a couple of times a week. Ideally, you should aim for every other day. Alternatively, you can use shampoo and conditioner which contain aloe vera.

Or, you can use both remedies simultaneously. Either way, this treatment should help encourage hair growth in your bald areas. 

Dealing With It

In short, this has been a handy guide to how to grow hair on bald spots naturally. We’ve looked at what could cause bald spots and three different natural remedies that can help encourage hair growth in areas that are balding.