How Do I Choose a Good Eyeshadow Palette?

Eyeshadow is one of the most versatile makeup products out there, as it comes available in a multitude of different colors, shades, and palettes. You can find a palette for every single taste and color need, and more and more are created and put out on the market every single day!

The problem is, it can then be super hard to choose an eyeshadow palette, as there are way too many choices. If you’re indecisive or in doubt, it becomes extra challenging too!

Eyeshadow most often comes as a palette. And an eyeshadow palette is essentially just a few different eyeshadows, all placed in a single item.

Usually, palettes are themed, or they have certain colors or shades that are all complementary amongst themselves. Sometimes they can also be super varied, with very different colors and finishes. But most often they will be a few different shades from the same color group.

It is quite common for celebrities to put out their own palettes, as well as there being palettes inspired by different characters, seasons, places, or other themes.

But if you’re planning on getting a palette, and there are, as they usually would be, many options available…which one do you get? Or rather, how do you choose a good eyeshadow palette?

Well, it’s pretty important to choose well, or else most of the colors in the palette will be left unused, collecting dust as a waste of space. You have to make sure you are getting a palette that contains the colors and shades you will want to use. (Although it’s hard to find a perfect palette, there is always usually at least one color you don’t want in there).

Here are a few tips and tricks for picking a good eyeshadow palette, that you will make good use of:

  • Make sure you like most of the colors and shades:

It can be tempting to buy an eyeshadow palette, just for one or two colors or shades that you really want. But a palette is a multitude of colors and shades, not just one. If you want individual colors, look for that.

With a palette, it is important to make sure that you will use as many of the colors and shades as possible, or else you will be wasting money.

  • Stick to basics:

There are lots and lots of eyeshadow palettes available in the market. If you want to make sure you get a good one, or it’s your first one buying a palette, stick to the basics. By basics, we mean nude or neutral colors, as you are more likely to use them all, and they will be able to be used with many more looks and outfits.

If you get a palette with bold and bright colors, there is a higher chance of you not using them as much, as they will be harder to match with other colors.

  • Layering:

Most eyeshadow palettes will come with multiple different shades of the same color group so that they all match and complement each other. Nevertheless, it’s good to double-check just to be sure.

This is important, because one of the best ways to use an eyeshadow palette is by layering different colors and blending them together to create your unique makeup looks, plus it ensures that all the shades and colors get used, so you get the most out of the palette as a whole.

  • Stick to a budget:

Setting certain limits can really help when narrowing down the search for an eyeshadow palette, and the easiest limitation to set is a budget. If you budget yourself, you will go directly to the palettes within a certain price range, and choosing will be easier.

Also, it’s important to remember that more expensive does not always mean better. Especially in eyeshadow palettes, where it is all about getting one that suits you and your preferences the most so that you use it all.

  • Quality over quantity:

Eyeshadow palettes come in all sizes, with some having just a couple of colors and shades, and others having large multitudes. But more isn’t always better. Especially because more colors mean it is less likely that you will use them all. It’s easy to mistake more options for more usage, and that really isn’t the case.

So prioritize quality and palettes that you will for sure use, over quantity.

  • Look for a palette that suits you:

If you want to guarantee that you’re making the right choice for your eyeshadow palette, you basically have to ensure that you will make good use out of it, instead of leaving most colors untouched. And to do that, you basically just have to make sure that you are getting a palette that suits your appearance and your preferences.

Which eyeshadow colors suit and compliment you? Which do you use the most? What kind of outfits do you wear? Consider all of these when buying your eyeshadow palette.

How do you know if eyeshadow is of good quality?

Eyeshadow, like most other makeup, can be of high quality or low quality. And sure, talent, experience, and practice are what majorly affect the end result of how the eyeshadow looks…but the quality of the product also has a significant impact on the result. So basically, you should always aim to get the best possible quality of eyeshadow you can, within your budget range.

But how can you tell whether eyeshadow is of good quality or not?

Firstly, read reviews of the product. See what other customers think, and what the eyeshadow looks like. This will give you a pretty good idea, along with ratings and feedback.

If eyeshadow is flakey or fades away throughout the day, it is probably very low quality.

Good quality eyeshadow should be bright and well-pigmented and should stay on the skin with ease, and without having to use too much of it. Although you need to remember that eyeshadow will be more visible and work better on top of primer!