Is a Hair Dryer Bad for Your Hair?

We all know how hard it is to get luscious locks. The hair care advertisements lied, cause it always ends up frizzy, dried up, or with split ends! The problem with hair is that if you use heat tools such as straightening irons or curling irons, you can end up drying out and damaging the hair.

So what about hair dryers? Do they have the same effect on our hair as other heat tools? That’s what we are here to find out!

 If you are anything like us, then you just cannot leave your hair to air dry. It feels damp, cold and wet for hours, and you can end up looking like a drowned rat! So, for us, hairdryers are a godsend!

The only problem is that using a hair dryer in the wrong way can also lead to hair breakage, and even hair loss. 

So, how are you meant to dry your hair, to keep it protected, healthy and fabulous? Don’t worry, with this guide we will explain how to dry your hair for frizz free and breakage free results!

Is a hair dryer bad for your hair?

Hair dryers are an amazing tool to dry off your hair after you’ve washed it. You can volumize, curl and create bounce with a hair dryer, they are so versatile. But, if you do not know how to correctly use a hair dryer, you could be accidentally damaging your hair and causing breakage. 

Any type of heat on your hair will cause dryness, brittleness and damage. However, if you correctly blow dry your hair, you will be able to reduce the risk of damaging it, or leaving it dull, frizzy, dry and prone to breakage.

How do you use a hair dryer without damaging your hair?

The best way to avoid damaging your hair is to wash and dry it properly. For a start, you should never rub your hair with a towel when it is wet. If you can face a little cold water in your morning shower, cold water can be good for your hair as well.

Avoid trying to rub the towel around your hair as soon as you come out of the shower, and simply just press the towel into the hair to remove any moisture. If you rub the hair, you could be tearing it or causing split ends! 

Then, remove the towel, and any tangles with a wide-toothed comb by starting at the ends of the hair and working you way upwards. Never start detangling from the root as this can cause knots in the hair, which can lead to breakage if you pull too hard.

When you are ready to dry the hair, you will have to prepare it for the heat. This means using a good heat protector spray such as something with argan oil to prevent any damage or breakage. Spray all of the hair, coating it in the heat protector before drying it. 

Then, when you are ready to dry, you are best off using a paddle or round brush for blow drying. Remember that you should never tug at the hair, or brush hard through the hair, even if it is tangled as this will split the ends or result in it breaking off. 

When you are blow drying the hair, make sure that you hold the dryer about 6 inches away from the hair, starting from the back of the crown, towards the sides, and then the front of the hair last. 

It is recommended that you use a higher speed and high temperature at first to start the drying process, and give the roots a good blast for extra volume. However, you will want to turn down the heat and the speed as you dry the lengths and ends of the hair in sections. 

As you work your way through the sections of hair with your dryer and brush, you will want to use an attachment to make sure that the heat is evenly distributed and not focused on one section as this can damage the hair.

Most hairstylists recommend leaving the hair slightly damp, or nearly dry when you are done instead of fully blasting and heating up all of the hair. 

If you feel that you need a little extra volume, then simply turn your hair upside down, with your head facing the floor and give a gentle blow dry on the roots, brushing in the direction of the dryer. Then, flip your hair back over, for full, voluminous locks! 

Is it better to dry your hair with hot or cold air?

When you blow dry your hair, you are probably doing it so that you do not have to wait for it to air dry. This is why so many people use high-temperature settings so that they can dry their hair as fast as possible. However, the higher the temperature, the easier it will be to damage your hair or lose some to breakage. 

Drying your hair with a cooler setting on your hairdryer is the best way to keep your hair healthy, thriving and nourished. In addition, blasting your hair with a little cold air when you are done drying will lock in the hairstyle, and reduce the amount of frizziness for a smooth, sleek look!