Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Your Hair

There are so many tips and tricks recommended for improving your hair health, that it’s often confusing trying to distinguish fact from fiction.

Some of these old wives tales do actually have some merit, so you may have been recommended to use apple cider vinegar with your hair to keep it healthy. While apple cider vinegar is popular in cooking, you may be reluctant to put it on your hair.

So is apple cider vinegar good for your hair? Or is this a myth you can ignore?

Is apple cider vinegar good for your hair?

Apple cider vinegar is good for your hair, yes! Not only that, it’s good for your whole head.

Applying apple cider vinegar to your head of hair will help to improve scalp health, enhance the shine of your hair, and strengthen your hair. So it’s safe to say that soaking your hair in apple cider vinegar will do it some good in the long run!

Apple cider vinegar works as a great natural remedy for those who suffer from itchy scalps and a lot of hair breakage. Using this useful condiment on your hair will work to prevent those pesky split ends before they appear.

This is all because of apple cider vinegar’s acidity. Dull or brittle hair tends to be more alkaline than acid. Using apple cider vinegar on your hair can help to lower the pH of your hair and give it more of a healthy balance.

There is actually a whole range of health benefits to using apple cider vinegar on your hair and scalp.

This condiment contains some handy vitamins and minerals which can improve hair health. It’s also anti-inflammatory, which can help with dandruff or itchiness.

Does apple cider vinegar help hair grow?

While apple cider vinegar doesn’t actively help to get your hair growing faster, some of its benefits work to promote hair health. This will in turn encourage your hair to grow. Because it works to balance the pH of your hair, this can help to stimulate hair growth.

There are also many claims that using apple cider vinegar can help to stimulate blood flow, which can also boost hair growth. However, there isn’t a lot of evidence to back this claim up.

But seeing as using apple cider vinegar with your hair gives you a whole range of benefits that can promote healthier hair, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try!

The claim that apple cider vinegar can help to encourage your hair to grow may indeed be an old wives’ tale. However, more research is needed into these claims to see if it really does promote your hair to grow.

How long should I soak my hair in apple cider vinegar?

So now that we know apple cider vinegar is great for your hair, you’ll be wondering how you can use it to your advantage. How long should you even soak your hair for, anyway?

The good news is that it’s easier to introduce this helpful condiment to your hair care routine than you think.

First, you’ll want to get your hands on a good quality apple cider vinegar. The results will only be as good as the product that you opt for! Fill a glass with warm water, then add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

Remember to not use water that’s too cold, as you’ll be using it on your head. It should be a comfortable temperature for you to use!

Bring your apple cider vinegar and water mixture with you to the shower. Next, you should continue your usual shampoo routine, then rinse your hair. Now comes the magic! Slowly pour the apple cider vinegar mixture onto your head, trying to evenly distribute it across your hair. 

Leave the apple cider vinegar to soak for around 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse your hair out. It couldn’t be simpler!

Can vinegar damage your hair?

You can of course have too much of a good thing (this includes washing your hair too often). If you use your new apple cider vinegar routine more than once a week, you could end up damaging your hair instead.

You should also make sure that you dilute it as we’ve described above rather than use it on its own. Apple cider vinegar is naturally very acidic, so if you don’t dilute it first, it will start to degrade your hair rather than help it.

It’s important to note that apple cider vinegar should be used as a supplement to your normal hair care routine. You should still shampoo your hair regularly to keep it looking great. Conditioners can help to give your hair a healthy boost in between apple cider vinegar treatments, too.

Is apple cider vinegar bad for your hair?

If you don’t use apple cider vinegar correctly, it can of course be bad for your hair. If you don’t dilute it beforehand, it could also damage your scalp.

If you use the apple cider vinegar treatment too regularly – for example, more than once a week – it could even dry your hair out instead of giving it all the health benefits that you’re after.

If you’re reluctant to risk adding apple cider vinegar to your hair care routine, then there is also a range of products with it included as an ingredient. This will be a great alternative as you won’t have to worry about using apple cider vinegar incorrectly.

Looking for something to help improve your scalp health? If your problems persist, you should always consult with your doctor. They will be able to prescribe helpful products to get your scalp back to its healthy self so that your hair can shine.

Worth it?

So there you have it! Apple cider vinegar is indeed good for your hair, and can actively improve your hair’s health.

There is also a whole load of other benefits for your scalp as well, so it’s well worth introducing apple cider vinegar to your hair care routine. Your hairdresser will marvel at your healthy hair the next time you pay a visit to the salon!