Is Cold Water Good For Your Hair?

Most of us are pretty sure that we know how to wash our hair. But just because you have been doing it for a long time doesn’t mean you have been doing it properly.

Most of us wash our hair with warm or hot water which is the best option. But you should incorporate some cold water.

Cold water is good for your hair as it helps to seal the cuticle that was opened up with the warm water. Plus, I guarantee it’ll wake you up in the morning.

Is Cold Water Good For Your Hair?

This helps to seal in moisture. You should use cold water to rinse out your conditioner to help seal in the moisture and softness that it has added.

Should I wash my hair with warm or cold water?

When it comes to washing your hair with shampoo, you should use warm water. Warm water is better for removing dirt and oil from your hair.

This is because the particles in warm and hot water are moving faster and so can disrupt the dirt particles in your hair better. 

If you were to use cold water to wash your hair, you won’t be cleaning it as well. And the shampoo won’t be able to work as thoroughly.

Warm water also helps to open up the pores in your scalp and the cuticles in your hair. 

This means that the shampoo will be able to get deeper into your scalp and into your hair to clean it. Washing with warm water also allows your hair to absorb the conditioner better.

Cold water doesn’t open up pores and cuticles, but it does seal them up. 

So, you won’t get as deep a clean with cold water. But, once it is time to rinse out the conditioner, it’s best to use cold water.

This will close up the pores and cuticles, helping to seal in the conditioner and make your hair stay cleaner for longer.

Do cold showers cause hair loss?

Cold showers do not cause hair loss. In fact, cold water can actually stimulate testosterone which supports hair growth. However, this is only really in men.

Men aren’t the only people who have testosterone in their bodies, but they do tend to have more than others.

So, if you are hoping to get a slightly fuller head of hair, a cold shower might be the answer. Cold showers also have a range of other benefits and can wake you up, help ease anxiety, and increase circulation.

But, it’s best to still wash your hair and body with warm water. The best compromise is to wash your hair and body with warm water, then finish off with a cold blast of water.

Is hot water bad for hair?

Only if the water is very hot. People enjoy different temperatures in the shower (and women often prefer hotter showers due to their higher sensitivity to coldness).

The temperature at which you wash your hair is probably fine. But, if it is really hot and causes your skin to turn very red, then it’s probably time to turn it down.

Very hot water can damage your hair. When we wash our hair, one of the things we do is remove excess oil.

But the oil produced by your scalp is actually really important and shouldn’t be removed entirely. Hair oil keeps your hair hydrated and in good condition. 

Washing your hair with very hot water strips your hair of these oils. Most shampoos will wash out the majority of the oils but not scrub your head entirely as this will damage your hair.

If too much of your hair oil is removed, your hair can become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

It’s best to wash your hair with lukewarm to warm water. This will allow your pores and cuticles to open up and be thoroughly cleaned.

But it won’t be so hot that it will completely strip your hair and dry it out. If your hair is on the drier side, it might be worth trying to have slightly cooler showers.

Does cold water thicken hair?

Not really. Your hair often feels thicker after washing it in cold water, but no volume is actually being added. As mentioned above, cold water can stimulate testosterone which can promote hair growth in some people.

But it’s not enough to endure a long cold shower every morning (unless you enjoy it, that is).

The opening of the pores and cuticles can make your hair feel softer. This means that your hair can often feel flatter and thinner after you have showered. But this isn’t the case.

Using a conditioner or other products which soften your hair and add hydration also makes your hair feel thinner. But they will simply be making your hair less frizzy and soften any brittle and broken hairs.

This can sometimes make your hair feel softer and thinner than usual. You could use rice water for your hair to help counteract this or light use of a leave-in conditioner instead.

Does hot water help hair grow?

Hot and warm water opens up the pores in your scalp. This encourages the production of oil which is good for hair growth.

But if you are already washing your hair in hot or warm water, there isn’t much more you can do temperature-wise to encourage hair growth. 

If you turn the heat up more, then you risk stripping your hair of these oils, drying it out, and reducing hair growth. If you are already washing your hair with hot or warm water, your hair is already as thick and long as warm water can make it.

Many people want quick fixes for growing out their hair. But, unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do beyond waiting for it to just grow.

Washing your hair regularly and properly with good quality shampoo and warm water, adding conditioner, and then rinsing with cold water is all you need to do. 

No matter what different products claim they can do, hair growth gummies and different vitamins cannot magically make your hair grow. All you need to do is care for it properly and wait it out.