Is Honey Good For Hair?

There are so many different home remedies recommended for improving the health of your hair. From using rice water to apple cider vinegar, there’s no end to the number of food products that people will apply to their hair to try and improve its health.

Another of these home remedies that is often recommended is honey. But is honey actually good for your hair? What is the truth behind this old wives’ tale?

Is Honey Good For Hair?

Is honey good for hair?

Honey is very good for your hair. There are several benefits to using honey on your hair, and make it a great alternative to harsh chemical treatments.

These benefits include moisturizing your hair, increasing its natural shine, naturally lightening your hair if left in for longer periods of time, preventing hair breakage, and it can also help to improve the health of the skin on your scalp.

Honey has great moisturizing properties which it can use on your hair. This can help to condition your hair and keep it healthy. Honey also has a range of amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that can help to restore your hair to its natural glory.

Because of the natural emollient and humectant properties of honey, it can help restore the natural shine of your hair. It works to smooth the hair follicles, which can make them even shinier.

Especially if your hair has become dull. Thanks to its natural moisturizing and emollient properties, this can help to lock in moisture and give you lustrous hair.

You can also use honey to naturally bleach your hair. Honey contains an enzyme called glucose oxidase as well as glucose. The enzyme works to break down the glucose, which instead creates hydrogen peroxide.

This is a chemical which is often used to bleach hair. If you leave honey in your hair for extended periods, it will work as a natural alternative to the more concentrated harsh chemical.

Can honey improve hair growth?

It’s important to note that honey doesn’t actively work to increase hair growth. It can, however, work to improve the health of your scalp, which is important for increasing hair growth.

Honey has often been used throughout history to help heal wounds. It’s able to promote cell growth, which can work in your favor when applied to your scalp.

By working to promote the growth of the skin cells on your scalp, will keep your skin healthy. Which will of course encourage your hair to grow! Hair won’t grow as fast if the skin on your scalp is damaged.

Because honey has great moisturizing properties, it can also work to keep your skin hydrated when you apply it to your scalp.

Its natural anti-inflammatory properties can also help to soothe skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis which can hamper hair growth.

Can you apply honey directly to your hair?

While honey has a lot of benefits for your hair, you should avoid applying honey on its own straight to your hair. This is because it’s sticky, and will be difficult to properly rinse out of your hair. Instead, you should mix it with another ingredient such as olive oil or coconut oil. 

You can prepare the ingredients in a small ramekin, then apply it to your hair. Ensure to work it onto every strand, then allow the honey hair mask to sit on your hair for around 20 to 30 minutes.

Now you can continue with your usual hair care routine and wash the hair mask off with your usual shampoo and conditioner.

How long should I leave honey in my hair?

The ideal amount of time that you should leave your honey mask on your hair is between 20 to 30 minutes. This will be more than enough time for your hair and scalp to absorb the helpful nutrients of honey.

If you leave honey on for any longer than this, you should be careful to avoid direct sunlight as this can cause spotty bleaching along the strands of your hair.

Remember to never use honey on its own. You should always mix it with another ingredient first. This is because it will be incredibly difficult to remove afterward as honey is so sticky.

There’s no reason to use this honey hair mask treatment more than once a week. This should be more than enough time for your hair and scalp to benefit from all the good properties of honey. 

What type of honey is best for hair?

One of the best types of honey to use on your hair is raw honey. This is because it has more natural enzymes and proteins which will give you that beautiful healthy, shiny hair that you’re after. 

Some people will swear by raw honey instead of processed honey. This is because they believe some of these enzymes are lost during the process.

While this is partially true, there are still plenty of enzymes left in processed honey for your hair to benefit from it. It is also thought that the number of amino acids and antioxidants increases when honey is processed.

So there’s no reason why you should opt for one over the other! When it comes to choosing the best honey to use on your hair, it will mostly come down to personal preference.

Does applying honey on hair make it white?

Some people worry that using honey on your hair can cause premature greying. This is actually an unfounded myth.

As we’ve discussed in more detail above, honey can be used to help naturally lighten your hair, but it won’t actually turn your hair white.

You may notice that the results of natural lightening differ depending on your natural hair color. If you have lighter hair, then you’re likely to see better results. 

Worth it?

So there you have it! Honey is very good for your hair and has a number of benefits to improve your hair’s health. It can keep your hair looking shiny, healthy, and can even be used to naturally lighten your hair.