Is Tubing Mascara Better?

The long-lasting bold visual finish of a tubing mascara is what makes them so fantastic. Tubing mascaras don’t apply clinging pigment in layers. Instead, they create a tube around the lash.

Once applied, this tube shouldn’t flake, run, or smudge, even after a long day. Tubing mascaras are considered better by many of the industry professionals and consumers who’ve given them a go.

If you’ve never come across tubing mascara before, you’re probably wondering what it is. Most mascara comes in a tube, right? It’s been a long time since the days of tins filled with pressed mascaras. But tubing doesn’t refer to how the mascara is packaged, it’s describing what the mascara does.

Tubing mascara works differently to traditional mascara. In the standard mascara formula, pigment clings to the lash to create a darker effect. There are varieties within this, of course.

Mascara with fibers, mascara full of softening oils, and even double-ended mascaras. All of these work in the same way: applying pigment.

The pigment has a tendency to flake off. Yet, despite this, it’s difficult to remove.

The ones that are less likely to flake are harder to remove again. Scrubbing away leftover mascara is damaging to the eye, the eyelash, and the surrounding skin. Tubing mascara solves this problem.

Rather than using pigment, tubing mascaras contain polymers. When applied, these polymers wrap around the lash, creating little tubes (hence the name). These tubes are waterproof, they don’t flake, and they won’t come off until you want them to.

Despite all this, removal is incredibly easy. You aren’t removing the pigment, simply easing away the tube, so warm water and a cloth are all that’s necessary.

But how easy it comes off won’t mean much if it doesn’t look good. Luckily, tubing mascara has both things covered. Tubing mascara builds length fantastically, even on lower lashes.

They also hold a curl incredibly well, making the eye appear bigger with minimum effort.

The only disadvantage to tubing mascaras is they’re better for lengthening, rather than volumizing. The big impact of high-volume mascaras is harder to create with tubing.

That isn’t to say they can’t add drama to the lash, just that the formula is designed for length. Of course, changes in the beauty industry are always coming, so things may be on the way.

Are tubing mascaras better? If you’re after volume, then no. In any other aspect, they’re superior. The easy removal is a major selling point for anyone who wants the benefits of waterproof without the long scrubbing process (you might also want to look at how waterproof mascara can be bad for you).

The tubing stays in place, no matter how stressful the day is. You can even rub your eyes and tubing mascara won’t budge. The length tubing mascara gives is incredibly impressive, so much that they can almost be mistaken for extensions.

And tubing is so widely available nowadays, you’re sure to find something in your price range. If you aren’t convinced, try applying a coating on top of your regular mascara. You’ll soon see just what’s so great about tubing.

Which mascaras are tubing?

Tubing mascara was originally formulated in Japan, but has since found its way into other markets.

The easy-removal, non-smudging, extra-lengthening product is so fantastic it wasn’t long until the international beauty community started paying attention.

Now, tubing mascara can be found everywhere, from luxury retailers to drug store counters.

The tubing mascara trend grew so quickly that it’s hard to find a brand that doesn’t have its own version.

While it’s unlikely to knock traditional mascara off the shelves anytime soon, tubing mascara has definitely earned its place. Add some to your makeup kit to see just how good it is at lengthening lashes while staying in place.

Tubing mascara uses polymers to wrap a coating around the lash. This clings to the lash as a tube, which can then be gently eased off using only warm water and a cloth. Any tubing mascara should identify polymers within the ingredients list.

For a drugstore tubing mascara, there are multiple options to try. This is a good idea for someone who’s curious about tubing mascara, but isn’t willing to commit. Use these options to see what the fuss is about, without breaking the budget. 

L’Oréal does two tubing mascaras, both of which are very popular. The L’Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess Mascara is the tubing formula in their popular voluminous range. Or try the L’Oréal Double Extend Beauty Tubes. This is a double-ended mascara that provides a nourishing formula alongside the polymers.

NYX have created a very popular option with their Doll Eye Mascara. This affordable choice is super lengthening.

Maybelline has also gotten in on the trend with the Snapscara. An amazingly clump-free formula, for a very low price.

If you don’t mind paying a little more, the range opens up greatly. Blinc Mascara  is the original, and still one of the best. Long-lasting, super-lengthening, and completely waterproof.

One issue with tubing mascara is it isn’t great for volume, but Kevyn Aucoin has that sorted. The Volume Mascara adds a double hit of length and volume, for lashes with the ultimate ‘wow’ factor.

The MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash uses short bristles for defined lashes. It also boasts an impressive 16-hour wear time.

Surratt Beauty is designed by celebrity makeup artist Tom Surratt, and the Relevee Mascara uses tubing to hold a curl for open and wide eyes.

Obviously, Clinique were going to get in on the game, and there’s nothing to complain about with their Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula. The long-lasting finish is complemented by a tapered brush for adding curl.

If you want to know if your mascara is tubing, it should say so on the packaging. Have a look to see if it mentions polymers among the ingredients, which is another sign of a tubing mascara.

Listed above are some of the best ones available, but there are so many tubing mascaras around. Check out your favorite brand for a polymer-based mascara, and see what those little tubes can do.