100+ Money Piece Highlights Inspiration for 2024

These money pieces can be subtle highlights or lowlights that frame your face. Some can be a lot more vivid and out there while others are subtle but still do the job.

There’s so much variation and freedom in a money piece for your hair, I hope these inspiration photos give you some ideas for your own hair.

Blonde highlights on dark black hair are probably the most common money pieces. They just work so well to frame the face.
A vivid multi-color money piece. Works really well with the lighter tones here.
A simple bob becomes a real style with these blonde money pieces against the dark black hair.
But that’s not to say it can’t work with lighter hair either.
I’d be that happy if my hair looked like that too!
This highlights the real difference between dyed bangs and money pieces. The feature here isn’t the hairstyle or the dye, it’s just drawing attention to the face.
This money piece with a natural shadows root is a good example of how subtle it can be. You don’t need vivid colors.
But that’s not to say that vivid colors don’t work. This bright orange with a yellow money piece is delicious looking.
You can see the difference a money piece frame can make here.
The strands framing the face make it look so fresh as if you have had all your hair retouched. Simple changes for a big impact.
Red hair can look great with a money piece!
Or add a little red for that tiger vibe money piece.
Speaking of firey red…
Just a light kiss of blonde really works.
Or if you add a little more…
A bold red money piece works really well here. Not too vivid but it’ll still frame the face perfectly.
I have a soft spot for blue and pink hair and while this is more purple I still love these tones as a money piece.
The colors really don’t have to contrast. This darker blue against dark hair still works so well.
Bright pink money piece against silver hair.
I love these bright yellow money piece highlights against the black hair. Tell me that doesn’t work!
Or how about yellow hair with a black money piece?
These bright pink money pieces under blonde hair go a little further back than just the fringe for a really cool look.
Understated style. A perfect example right here.
Ashy blonde money piece against dark hair.
This is a super interesting one. Maybe the most subtle money piece highlights on the entire list the shade difference is so slight here but it works!
You don’t need that many strands died for a money piece.
Another interesting one. The fringe isn’t dyed like a traditional money piece but the lower blue color does highlight the face. Unique idea and I’d like to see more of it.
That bob looks great enough but a slight money piece just really sets it off.
Here the money piece on the fringe is matched by some highlights further back in the lower layers.
This light blue is bold and vivid by itself… but I have to say it does suit the mask.
Solid color block at the front provides a thick money piece. The vivid red really stands out.
Elegant eggplant against a lavender highlight. A unique entry on the list but I love the contrast.
Understated but effective.
The bright green roots would already stand out enough here but the asymmetric rainbow money piece? The only thing I like more is the eyeshadow.
You don’t need to go that far for asymmetric-colored money pieces. I really like the vivid colors here and they match so well.
Another solid block of color. This time orange against brown but a very distinct swap between the two will highlight the face nicely.

do hope this has given you some ideas for a money piece highlight. If you give this a go – I want to see it! Send me a photo of your money piece hair and we’ll feature them here.

Our inspiration photos come from user submissions and open sources and we’ll always give credit. All of the fantastic styles belong to their respective owners. If we’ve got a credit wrong or you’d rather we don’t feature you – just drop us an email.