100+ of the Best Short Red Nails Inspiration and Ideas for 2022

Normally kept simple and stylish, some short red nails say elegance and grace. A feminine color of adventure and feminine power – you can keep them simple and elegant or really get creative and show your creativity.

This collection of short red nails should give you some inspiration for your own nails.

short red nails
Let’s start with something a little interesting. Two solid red nails, one glittery dark red and the index is a shade closer to pink with some red hearts. Short red nails give you a lot of wiggle room if you want it.
classic short red nails
Or a light red shade on short nails won’t look out of place from the morning meeting to the night out.
short red gel nails
These short red gel nails show a darker shade that might suit your style better. If you like this deeper shade, check out my wine nail designs list as well.
short red nails with gold
Red and gold have always been an elegant combination but I love the little sparkle effect on the middle fingernail next to the gold. Such fantastic detail.
short red gel nails
For something a little more minimalist we have some short solid red nails with two nude nails with red dots.
short red nail
These short red nails look great but that little white and black heart fingernail has some lovely detail to it.
glittery short red nails
I love the polish used for these dark red glittery nails.
short red coffin nails
These short red coffin nails are a little longer than most of this list but for coffins, they’re a nice short shape.
short red nail design
These short red nail designs really work well. Light red on the outside and this deep slightly glittered look in the middle.
short red french tip nails
Fairly short nails with some light red french tips and the little flowery design really work well here too.
short red acrylic nails
These short red acrylic nails are just to die for. The eyes on the little hearts! <3
short red acrylic nails
I really like this deep red shade but the golden leaf separating the red from the nude color is just perfect. I love it.
red nails short
Simple short red gel nails.
short red round nails
Some short red rounded nails. Simple and elegant.
Beautiful red polish which will really catch the light nicely.
short red v tip nails
Fantastic mix of short red v french tip nails with a metallic nail on each hand. These might be my favorite so far.
red glitter nail polish
These short red nails would look good but this curving white really set this gels off nicely.
short dark red nails
Another lovely dark deep red shade on some short nails.
short red nail design
I’m in love with this white background and leaf design set against these red nails. I keep saying this but a single nail as a defining place can look spectacular.
short red and cowprint nails
You don’t even need to do it with an entire nail. This cowprint design on half a nail really sets these short red nails off.
short red french tip nails
Or, keep it simple, how about a thin red french tip on one or two nails?

do hope this has given you some ideas for short red nails If you give this a go – I want to see it! Send me a photo of your red short nail designs and we’ll feature them here.

Our inspiration photos come from user submissions and open sources and we’ll always give credit. All of the fantastic styles belong to their respective owners. If we’ve got a credit wrong or you’d rather we don’t feature you – just drop us an email.

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