Should You Put Concealer on Eyelids Before Eyeshadow?

Have you ever spent ages on your makeup to find that it creases around the eyes, or that your eyeshadow never seems to stay on? There could be a problem in your makeup routine somewhere! 

Eyeshadow can often bleed out, rub off or just fall out of place. It can be a real issue. Especially when you have spent time creating a full-faced makeup masterpiece, to find that it has not settled as well as it should have after a few hours. 

One of the hardest things you can apply when doing your makeup is eye products. There is something so difficult about eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascara. How many times have you finished your makeup, only to sneeze when applying mascara and get dark panda eyes for all to see?

Don’t even get me started on eyeliner. It takes a special amount of patience to perfect that skill. 

To ensure that you do not have an eyeshadow disaster, you should know the best tips for applying it and wearing it like a boss! You have probably heard countless tips and tricks by now, but none seem to work. Luckily, we have all of the answers that you could need.

Should you put concealer on eyelids before eyeshadow?

You can actually use concealer on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. It just depends on how you apply it. For instance, just applying a lot of thick, creamy concealer on your eyelids is bound to result in the eyeshadow creasing, or creating a thick line where there shouldn’t be one! 

To avoid creasing your eyelids, use a creamy concealer in conjunction with a power to properly set the concealer and use it as a base. From there, you can apply the eyeshadow as normal, and it should adhere to the skin and last much longer. 

By using a concealer to prime your eyelids, you can neutralize any discoloration, blemishes or dark lines, creating a smooth, even look before you even get started on the eyeshadow colors! Using a concealer works to create a blank canvas for you to get artsy with your eye makeup. 

An additional tip we can give you is to conceal first, then do your eyeshadow, and then do your foundation. This way, any powdery or glittery eyeshadow that falls off the brush and onto the face will not ruin your makeup, and will just be covered with the foundation afterward! 

The bottom line is, yes you should always use a concealer or a primer before applying eyeshadow, as it will just rub off or slip off otherwise. Eyeshadow is made up of powder most of the time, which needs a good base to adhere to. Without a concealer or primer to stick to, the eyeshadow will not last very long, and it may just slide off after a few hours of wear. 

Can I use concealer to prime my eyelids?

Yes, you can use concealer to prime your eyelids. However, we would recommend that you stick to a lightweight and long-lasting formula. This will ensure that the makeup does not crease, or it does not end up looking caked on and too thick. 

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Just remember not to apply too much. When it comes to concealer on the eyes, less is more. Even if you have dark marks and circles, if you use a lot of concealer in the eye area, it will never blend properly, and you will end up with lines and creases that will put years on your appearance! 

Simply place a small amount of concealer on your finger, and dab it into the center of your eyelid, patting it into the skin. Make sure you smoothen out the edges, from the inner corner of the eye all the way to the outer corner for a soft, smooth base, ready for your eyeshadow. 

Do I really need an eyeshadow primer?

An eyeshadow works exceptionally well to keep oil away from the eyeshadow, preventing sliding, caking, fading, creasing and smudging. This is why eyeshadow primer is essential for those who have oily eyelids or oily skin. 

In addition, if you live in hot, humid climates, or places with high temperatures, an eyelid primer will quickly become your best friend. An eyeshadow primer will help prime the eyes for eyeshadow by improving the overall skin texture, creating a smooth base and ironing out any creases and blemishes in the skin.

Do you apply eyeshadow primer before or after foundation? 

Any primer that you have, including eyeshadow primer, should be applied before you put on the foundation. In addition, most makeup artists and professionals recommend doing your eyeshadow makeup first before the rest of your face, and so the primer would be applied long before you start your foundation!