40+ V French Tip Nail Designs for 2024

I love the V french tip nail trend. A bolder and more modern take on the original french tip nail style. A V tip nail is a modern take on a classic style and a very versatile choice. It can be subtle sleek or you can really be bold with the design.

There’s a lot you can do with it, but here’s my top list for some v tip nail design inspiration to give you some ideas (or completely copy)!

v french tip nail design
One of the more common styles has this bold black tips making an edgy black nail design. You can vary the thickness to suit your taste.
This longer press-on nail set has a subtle colorway and a sharp v-shape tip but the 3D accent nail is a perfect touch.
Or if an accent nail isn’t your thing but you like a little more color on your set – this press-on set has a sharp tip and a cute colorway.
white v french tip nails
A little narrower and with white tips this time (my personal favorite with this style).
red v french tip nails
Feeling a bit bolder? How about these red v tips
black v tip nails
With these gels, you can see a much narrow bit of black at the end. You don’t need long nails or a big block of color for the v tips design.
colorful v french tips
Now, these stiletto nails are fantastic and really show your creative edge. Small beads on mostly matte nude nails but with colorful v french tips at the end? I love them.
blue v french tip
I love the little stars and asymmetry of this design. Just a little bit of blue to give you that sharp v tip look. If you like the shade (like I do) check out my royal blue ombre nail designs as well.
v french tip nails
I like the gems here but this is also a good example of some stronger, sharper black v french tips and I like the little bit of glitter in there too.
yellow v french tip nails
This design can really work with bold colors, and it’s hard to have yellow nail designs without being bold.
pink v french tip nails
Pink v tips are cute and they’re also a little less blatant than royal blue or yellow. They can show your cute side without really getting in the way at the office so they’re perfect for everyday use too.
rainbow v french tips
This is the other end of that spectrum. This rainbow v tip french nails will get noticed and they’re so fantastic. You could even do a slight twist on this with some v tip flame nail designs. If you do, I want to see it. Better yet, I want that on my nails.
green v french tip nail art
Or how about a darker green? I like the outer fingers being a solid deep color with the middle two having that thin v tip design.
coffin v french tip design
If you do have a thicker v tip, you could do something a little bolder than just solid color. These coffin nails are a perfect example of this with a bit of teal glitter on the tips. Fantastic.
pink v tip nails
Or add a little detail to one of the nails like the little stars on this one.

french v tip designs
You don’t need to stick to a single color for your v tip nails. While these are short nails you can still see different colors used on the tips.
black and white v tip nail design
I’ve actually used this nail art before on our spider web nails list but I love them so much and it’s a fantastic example of well-defined v tip nails being mixed with a different style.
hearts v tip nail design
This design has a great combination of little white hearts against a matte finish (which I love) but the white v tip design really highlights them and there’s just that little bit of gold to define the tip.
white v french tip nails
Most of these are thicker examples of a standard v french tip nail but I really like what they’ve done with the ring fingernail. That transparent look rather than the white makes them stand out.
rainbow v french tip nails
If you want to loosen the boundaries on what you consider a v french tip – this might count. Heck, they look that fantastic we should call them whatever we want and do them anyway. You could do more defined v shape tips in this same style if you wanted. Honorable mention?
blue v french tip nails
I’d be a fan of using two different shades of blue to create these v french tips but the little beads in the center just make these perfect. I also like the gloss and matte finish used here and the v tip comes all the way back to the finger. I should move this to the top of the list.
colorful coffin v french tip nails
And to finish the list with a little bit of fun we have these bright colorful coffin nails with white v french tips. Cute and playful!
v french tip nail design
Curses, this nail tech found my weakness. The only thing I’m loving more than the v-French tip style is multiple vibrant pastel colors and a subtle hint of gold glitter. This is some of the best nail art I’ve seen.
v french tip nails
This one is a little bit different. A V French cut from the moon of the nail instead of the tip. Definitely not something you’re going to see anyone else with. Powder was used to make this fantastic-looking design and that gives it a really nice finish.
v french tip nail design
Long acrylics with matte baby pink and a white V-tip. If you look closely there’s a subtle hint of pink on the edges to really set them apart.
v french tip nail design ideas
Short square nails have been making a comeback and I’m here for it. This set also has a little bit of rhinestone to accent the moon of the ring finger.
v french tip nail art
If you want more of a sophisticated look for the office or to match an outfit these nude acrylics to shades of brown don’t take attention away while still making a statement. The matte finish is a good mix.
v french tip nail polish design
Or you can try a similar subtle look with less work.
v french tip nail design
If blending in isn’t your thing you could split your V-tip into duo tones and add as much gold glitter as you can get your hands on.
v french tip nail polish design
Another variation of a duo-tone french tip but this time with two tones of blue and this thinner tip.
v french tip nail polish design
v french tip nails
If royal blue wasn’t luxury enough these larger stones fit nicely within the V shape.
v french tip nail designs
You don’t need the tip on every finger. These acrylics have a full glitter nail as an interesting accent on the middle finger.
v french tip nail design ideas
Or, looking beyond the accent nail, you don’t even need to have the tips stay even.
v french tip nail design
I’m loving this look. Shorter square sculpted acrylics with more tip than natural nail showing. The colorway is classic and the style is pretty modern, a great combination.
v french tip nail designs
Or the opposite, in both size and colorway. Still with short natural bases but this thin black V french looks sleek. ?
v french tip nail polish design
V-Cut French tips stand out! ✨ If hot pink nails weren’t cute enough, this is a nice touch.
v french tip nails
Mostly solid nails but this time we’re using the Frenchie as an accent nail rather than the other way around. The color contrast is just a bonus because it works for me.
v french tip nail design
Glittery blue bear claws with fierce cut tips and a whole lot of glam. ?
v french tip nail design ideas
Duo-tone tips are just not common enough. I love them but sometimes I feel like I’m an island. The V-Tip style is just made for this look though. It makes it clean and easy and gives you this fantastic look.
v french tip nails
I don’t know what I love more. The white and back contrast with these sharp tips or the playboy bunny nail art. I just like the whole thing.
v french tip nails
These acrylics make an interesting mix. Some long tapered square nails with a square micro tip to accent. Even if you skipped the dragon design (you shouldn’t!) this would still make a unique set.
v french tip nails
Another take on the duo-tone (this time with black and white) but look closely at the lines that come into the tip. There’s just a slight curve to them before they reach the point.

do hope this has given you some ideas for v french tip nails If you give this a go – I want to see it! Send me a photo of your v tip nail design and we’ll feature them here.

Our inspiration photos come from user submissions and open sources and we’ll always give credit. All of the fantastic styles belong to their respective owners. If we’ve got a credit wrong or you’d rather we don’t feature you – just drop us an email.