What Color Makes Brown Eyes Pop?

Brown eyes are naturally a great color to pair with anything. If you have brown eyes and are wondering what color will really make your eyes pop, you will be glad to know there are many options for you. 

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprising for those in the know, colors like purple and blue are actually excellent choices for people with brown eyes who want to make their eye color stand out. 

Brown tends to go with most colors but if you want to make the brown color pop out, choose a jewel-toned purple eyeshadow or eyeliner. You could even experiment with some blue colors. 

You could even do a cut crease and incorporate both purple and blue into your eyeshadow to make your brown eyes pop and stand out. 

If you are feeling very brave, you could line the underneath of your eyes with a light blue or lilac kohl pencil. You could then get some purple liquid eyeliner and blue eyeshadow and create a vibrant, festival-inspired eyeshadow look. 

Another option for really making those brown eyes pop, especially if you are not feeling quite brave enough for gold colors, is to line your eyes with a very dark black liquid eyeliner, just on the upper lash line. Flick it out at the end for a wing, and then add some subtle gold glitter to the lids with a creamy or very pigmented eyeshadow. Your chocolate brown hues will stand out. 

Do not underestimate the effect of some well-suited fake eyelashes, too. The right shape and size of fake eyelashes can open your eyes even wider, drawing attention to those lush brown eyes. 

What are the best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes?

Well, you lucky brown eye-having people will be pleased to know that there is not a color in the world that doesn’t suit you. Sure, whilst blues and purples, as well as some gold hues are known to make your eye color pop, there are many other colors that you could wear that would suit you perfectly. This means that the whole rainbow is at your disposal when you are trying out new makeup looks. 

Some of our most-loved color combinations for brown eyes are autumn and jewel tones like those featured in the James Charles X Morphe palette. We love playing with burnt orange and rust colors in this palette, blending them out with rich, creamy browns, and lining the eyes with a thin flick of black or dark brown eyeliner. The jewel greens, blues, and purples are also perfect for brown eyes. 

If you like shimmery eyeshadow, try out a palette that contains both shimmery and matte so that you can blend out the shimmer to make it look less harsh. One of our favorite palettes for use with brown eyes is the Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay. There is the perfect mixture of mattes and shimmers, all in gorgeous orange, red and brown tones to suit brown eyes. 

Do not be afraid to experiment. So many different colors are likely to suit your brown eyes, from the boldest, sparkliest pink, to the most subdued brown-beige matte color in the world…brown eyes suit a plethora of colors, and so there are countless palettes out there for you. 

What color mascara is best for brown eyes?

Brown eyes work best with dark brown or black mascara. Both of these color mascaras work well with the color of the eyes as they will not be too dark against them. 

Typically, people with brown eyes will also have brown or black hair. At the very least it is likely to be dark blond. This means that their eyelashes will likely be dark too, meaning brown or black mascara will probably be their go-to. 

If, however, you have brown eyes but a fair complexion and light hair, then you may want to consider going for a lighter-colored mascara. 

Another option would be to use clear mascara, as this will go with any eye and hair color. What’s more, it will not be noticeable if you start to sweat, cry, or if your eyes start to water. 

If you are feeling super brave, a dark blue or even purple mascara can be used. This will really make those brown eyes pop, but may not be suitable for daily use if you tend to prefer a more subdued look. 

If you are still unsure about what color mascara you should use for your brown eyes, your best bet would be to test out a few different colors and types. 

If you still find that none of them are suited to you, you may want to consider using false/ fake eyelashes or getting some lash extensions. 

Another option would be to get a lash lift which chemically lifts your lashes for a number of weeks to make them appear longer and fuller. This can work just as well as mascara but without the annoyance of it running or having to remove it. 

What color eyeliner is best for dark brown eyes?

The best eyeliner for dark brown eyes depends on what style of makeup you want to do. If you are looking to create a timeless and classic makeup look, then you can stick to a simple black liquid eyeliner that can be applied in a cat’s eye flick on your upper lashes. 

For something a little more subdued, try out a brown liner in place of the black liquid liner. This can look a little more natural, and might be best suited if you are using neutral or matte brownish-colored eyeshadow. 

If you want to make your eyes stand out, purple or blue eyeliner looks great on a person with brown eyes. Another option would be to use glitter eyeliner, especially for parties and events. 

Luckily, brown eyes are suited to most colors, and so you can use any color eyeliner and still look awesome. Trial a few different colors to see what suits you.