50+ Pink and Green Nail Designs for 2024

An adventurous, bold and utterly fantastic combination – pink and green nail designs will make you stand out from the crowd. There are so many things you could do with this combination but I’ve collected my personal favorite pink and green nail designs to give you some inspiration.

From the subtle and stylish to the outlandish eyebrow raisers, these designs will hopefully give you some ideas for your next manicure.

pink and green nail design
Let’s start simple enough. Cute french tips with green on one hand and pink on the other? Cute but understated enough for the office.
pink and green nail design
If you want to mix things up on the same hand, fading from pink to green gives a really cool effect here.
Stylish pink and green nails
Or go vertical with a little embellishment in the middle. Keeping some of the nails one pure color really makes them pop.
Or, if you’re going for pink and green, what about neon? Maybe a little out of place in the office but these nail designs will get some attention. I also like the little flame nail designs on the ring finger.
green and pink nails
Or setting the green and pink against black really makes the color stand out.
pink and green gel nails
These pink and green gel nails look cute and the little bit of goal adds a little bit of distinction.
pink and green gel nail design
A deep pink fading into an even deeper green.
pink and green nail design
These unique pink and green nail design features the rare ‘Abocat’. I love the design so much but the editor wouldn’t let me include it on our cat nail designs list. Just because it isn’t technically a cat. It is pink, green and absolutely fantastic.
green and pink nails
I really love the leaf and flamingo style on these nail stamps.
green and pink polkadot nails
I always love a neatly done polka dot nail design and it’s a good excuse for some pink and green nail polish for extra fun.
pink and green nail inspiration
The only thing cuter than light shades of pink and green? Adding little hearts with the opposite color. Fantastic.
green and pink heart nail design
Or fade them a little and only one heart on each hand?
green and pink french tips
Or how about some neon green nails with pink french tips?
watermelon pink and green nails
Pink and green nail art? You have to have at least one watermelon design on the list.
Or how about this cool flower-growing style?
neon pink and green nail art
Different shades of neon pink and green?
green and pink nail design
I really like the rhinestones separating the pink and green on each hand here.
metallic pink and green nails
I like the contrast here between the metallic pink and the matte green nails.
pink and green french tip nails
Again with the asymmetry, a pink french tip on a green nail and the opposite on the other hand. Love it.
glitter pink and green nails
A little bit of glitter to define the cuticles on these green and pink nails.
link pink and green nails
Or highlight one or two nails with a little glitter and leave the others as light shades of pink and green.

pink and green flower nails
The roses on these pink and green nails are downright stunning. The little gemstone really sets them off nicely. I just can’t fault these.
pink and green flowery nails
Or you can even keep it a simple flower pattern, with pink and green they’re still very unique.
pink and green nails
Lovely Jubbly pick n mix nails. If you can’t pick a single design? Go with a little bit of everything.??
pink and green nail art
Geometrical Frenchies in pink and green with a natural base. The subtle glitter line as a barrier is a nice touch. ??
pink and green nail design
You could also mix it up by replacing the natural base with a solid color.
pink and green nail design ideas
These funky little numbers match this GORGEOUS engagement ring ? ??
pink and green nail polish design
I love the bright colorway as just plain polish but I love the accent nail design on this set. Kind of a serious Celtic vibe but in bright colors, it looks super playful.
pink and green nail designs
pink and green nails
Possibly the most subtle accent design we’ve ever seen. A single dot on the opposite nail.
pink and green nail designs
Another pick ‘n mix selection of designs. I really like the checkered nail art but I do hope there’s some caffeine in that cup.
pink and green nail designs
I love seeing short nails make use of negative space, and these abstract lines look great with the colorway.
pink and green nail design ideas
Or keep it simple with some solid colors and some glossy finish. Sometimes simple is better (and suits a wider range of outfits).
pink and green nail polish design
How about using one of the colors as the base and highlighting with the other? An extra splash of black in this set, but you get the idea.

do hope this has given you some ideas for pink and green nails. If you give this a go – I want to see it! Send me a photo of your nails and we’ll feature them here.

Our inspiration photos come from user submissions and open sources and we’ll always give credit. All of the fantastic styles belong to their respective owners. If we’ve got a credit wrong or you’d rather we don’t feature you – just drop us an email.