About Me

Hey! Steph here, the face and name behind Nerd About Town - my very own little piece of the internet! I am so excited to be able to share this with you because beauty has been my life for as long as I can remember. From nails to skin and hair to makeup and even waxing and eye care, I love it all. 

I’ve been interested in beauty blogging since I was a little girl. I would spend hours watching skincare tips on Youtube, and to this day I adore watching GRWM (get ready with me, for those who don’t know!) videos. I love experimenting with makeup and hair products, and I’ve become the go-to gal for makeovers and hair-dos for all my family friends (which is all fun and games until I only have 10 minutes left to get myself ready!). 

All these years of being beauty obsessed have meant that I have a ton of knowledge on the subject. I have bought every beauty product under the sun, I’m pretty sure. I am also well clued up on the latest trends in skincare and makeup. So much so that everyone I know refers to me as the ‘Beauty Nerd’. I guess that’s where the idea for this website came from because let’s face it, I am a beauty nerd, and I’m pretty proud of it! 

Nerd About Town is going to be my little online space where I can share all my fab beauty tips that I’ve learned over the years, and answer all of the beauty-related questions I get asked (which is, surprisingly, a lot). So, whether you want to find out about your skin type, learn how to contour naturally, or even find out why your hair is so dry and frizzy, my website has it all! 

Enjoy your time on Nerd About Town, and, more importantly, enjoy experimenting with your newfound beauty knowledge! 

Happy reading!